Solar Energy without using your roof!

Make the sustainable choice and lower your electricity bill today.

You are Eligible if you receive an electricity bill from PSE&G Long Island!


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Traditionally, only a small fraction of American households and businesses could generate clean, renewable solar power either because they rent, live in multi-tenant buildings, have old or poorly situated roofs, or experience some other limiting factor. 

Today, there is another option for PSE&G customers who want to receive their energy from a green, renewable source. They can participate in a Community Solar Project, like the one Helios Solar is building at 260 Spagnoli Road.  As a subscriber, they will receive a green energy credit on their electricity bill for their share of the Project’s produced power.


Community Solar Projects are replacing dirty fossil-fuels and leading to a future of green, renewably generated electricity. Helios Solar customers are making the sustainable energy choice. Join us!

Reduce Your Electric Bill
The purchase of Helios Solar energy credits can save PSE&G utility customers a minimum of 10% on their current PSE&G bills by providing customers with access to less expensive solar electricity.

No Installation
Helios Solar has one of the largest solar roof top solar panel system installed on Long Island, so the Helios Solar customer can benefit from access to solar energy without needing to commit to any unsightly equipment on home property.

Easy Signup
All you need is your PSE&G Account Number and your payment information. We do the rest!

Understandable Billing

PSE&G will continue to maintain your service, and you will receive two bills. One from Helios Solar for discounted energy credits and one from PSE&G where Helios Solar energy credits offset your energy charges. For example: if your monthly home usage is 1,000 kWh, and your community solar share produces 900 kWh. PSE&G will apply the 900 kWh in credits from your share to your electric bill, and it will bill you for the remaining 100 kWh. You pay Helios Solar directly for the discounted cost of your share.

No Annual Contract
You can cancel the contract at any time without penalty with 60 days' notice. And if you move within Helios Solar’s service area, you will be able to continue your participation without interruption.

Well-Established and State Sponsored
Currently there are more than 600 Community Solar Projects in New York State administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (“NYSERDA”). To learn more about Community Solar Projects, visit NYSERDA’s program information page and watch a helpful video at

Click Here For More Information On How To Save On Your Energy Bill